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Cash Express Title Pawn
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Facts / Questions

Q: What can I title pawn?
Cash Express accepts virtually everything with a title. We pawn cars, trucks, dump trucks, 18-wheelers, boats, jet skis, ATVs, and motorcycles.  Although, if you are pawning anything other than a vehicle certain stipulations may apply. 

Q: What forms of payment does Cash Express accept?
We accept cash, money order, cashiers check and official bank checks. 

Q: What is the most money I can get?
We at Cash Express have no limit to the maximum amount of money for any transaction. It is only limited by the year, make, model and condition of your vehicle.

Q: Do you require a credit check?
No, we do not require a credit check to pawn a title.

Q: How often can I make a payment?
Unlike some of our competitors Cash Express will allow you to make a payment on your account as many times within the 30-day contract as you would like. You are NEVER penalized for an early payment or for making weekly payments.  

Q: Is there a difference between a bank loan and a title pawn?
Yes, a bank loan is typically amortized (big word for spread out) over a set period of time and you may face a penalty for paying it back early. A pawn on the other hand is a 30-day transaction and can be paid back at any time without being penalized. Also, the typical pawn takes no longer than 15-20 minutes to get money in your hand.

Q: Do you report to my credit bureau?
No, title pawn is a private transaction so we do not report to any creditor.

Q: What if I am late with a payment?
Cash Express attempts to work with all of our customers. We WANT you as a customer! We will try to work with all reasonable circumstances. We view repossession as an expensive and undesirable last resort.

Q: I have had a friend who had had their wages garnished even after they turned over their car to the bank. Can this happen with title pawn?
No, if you ever have to turn over your car to us for any reason (i.e. job loss, laid off, loss of income etc.) unlike a bank, we will NEVER garnish your wages for deficiency.



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